Andrew Renton

Andrew is a leading solicitor in the energy and infrastructure industry, who specializes in commercial contracts within the sector across multiple jurisdictions.His commercial approach to project completion and management and the prevention o fescalation of disputes and avoid an ceoflitigation,is welcomed by clients. Utilizing previous experience as an engineer to understand technical issues, allows him to address issues in an informed and helpful way during completion of contract documentation and the application of contract terms during operation of the asset.

Andrew provides advice to energy and utilities companies and is also involved in a significant amount of specialist working the Solar PV, Battery Storage and Offshore Wind sectors.He has worked extensively on Renewable Energy technologies leading advice on several large-scale projects across the Middle East.

He has been involved in advising clients in the nuclear sector since the mid 1990’s and his most recent and relevant experience is as follows:

  • Advising KEPCO on the involvement in the acquisition of an interest in the Moor side project;
  • Advising KEPCO (jointly with specialist consultants)on entering and stream lining the GDA process;
  • Advising on contract structure and drafting for phase four of Finnish NNB programme in relation to main technology providers delivery of obligations;
  • British Energy’s IP right srelating to reverse engineering of nuclear generation control and instrumentation;
  • Strategic replacement control systems facing obsole scence;
  • Consultation with EDF on strategic approach to major projects contract management and supply chain integration;
  • Major Project Agreement strategy for interface with unions for NNB projects;
  • Supervising development of NNB tier 1 and subsidiary contracts for NNB at Hinkley Point;
  • Advising the Jordanian Government on the issues arising from their proposed development of civil nuclear facilities;
  • Preparing advice for the Turkish Government on the institutional reforms necessary for the development of civil nuclear projects in Turkey;
  • Advising design and delivery consortium of Korean companies on the commissioning and commercial operation process for the Barakah NPP in Abu Dhabi.