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IAEA has announced that it will expand its Technical Safety Review (TSR) Service and incorporate the new guidelines for the conceptual design safety review that now covers the conceptual designs of innovative reactors. This support will prove essential for many emerging and advanced technologies as they are applied to new markets throughout the world in pursuit of decarbonisation and democratisation of energy supply.

TSR services encompass the spectrum of activities performed in support of the design, licensing and operation of nuclear installations and streamline the former IAEA peer-review under a common umbrella. The reviews address aspects of design safety and generic reactor safety, deterministic and probabilistic safety assessment methods, as well as risk-informed decision-making approaches, periodic safety reviews and accident management and make recommendations for improvements to safety in these subject areas.The IAEA is also hosting a webinar on 15 March to present the experiences and lessons learned of recent TSR Services.

This is clear and welcome recognition from the IAEA that a new approach to the assessment of the design safety review of SMRs and indeed AMRs is required. The IAEA is offering that support to Member States as well as Developers and Vendors of these technologies.


Next Generation Nuclear can offer support to host countries, technology vendors and project developers in accordance with IAEA and international best practice to deliver high reliability, low carbon advanced nuclear through all stages of the nuclear lifecycle from early concept to eventual decommissioning.

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