On a variety of projects, including:

  • Facilitating two innovation initiatives in the zirconium sponges manufacturing plant – the former was focused on removing debris fretting on the tubes, using an innovative cladding; the latter aimed to develop innovative production scenarios to increase capacity, improve profitability and, at the same time, dramatically reduce environmental impact and industrial risks.
  • Helping the Transmission and Distribution Division to develop and implement a decision framework to identify sub-processes and activities to outsource.
  • Coaching the executive team on how to deploy a focussed Lean Six Sigma
    improvement programme that maximises business impact, including conducting a broad organisational and operational assessment to identify High-Value Opportunities for improving the technical specification process and field-related system software defects. The initial regional programme launch resulted in a 100% project success rate and delivered a return of $2.7m (ROI of over 400%).
  • Supporting a Global Operational Excellence Programme, including nuclear business Supplier Development Programmes.