EDF Energy NNB: Development of the Plan for Hinkley Point C

This first major NNB plant in the UK since the early 1980’s required major planning. Members of our team were heavily involved. The team led by Andrew Renton had members seconded into the EDF NNB team in London and Paris. Some of those team members had been heavily involved supporting Andrew in the pre-sale process of the British energy fleet to EDF.

Andrew was also the partner responsible for overseeing the peer review of the
environmental, ecological and social economic impact assessments for site
selection for new NNB sites in the UK.

In parallel to the role in supporting EDF NNB on the Hinkley point project, Andrew also led a small team supporting the government Ministry Department for Environment and Climate Change which had responsibility for the renewal of mandates to the Office for nuclear regulation and the office for nuclear Development. In this role Andrew participated in the oversight and preparation of cabinet papers for decision making on the nuclear industry policy decisions in the UK. He was then involved in a small group along with members of other firms and DECC, in supporting the decision making on the process for supply chain involvement and industrial competences required to support the project.

The whole focus of nuclear industry activity in the UK around this time was the
transition of ownership from British energy to EDF and the delivery of the Hinkley Point C project and Andrew’s team were at the heart of the activity.