UK Market Entry Strategy for Reactor Technology Vendor (2021)

Undertook a preliminary Study of the UK Market for a reactor vendor.  The assignment encompassed providing strategic management services to vendor’s goals, objectives, strategies and approaches to the UK SMR / AMR market.  Specific tasks included ab assessment of:

  • Assess all available sites and list three most preferred sites with justification for selection of each site, including list of potential customers / end users for electricity generated and or ancillary products produced by vendor’s reactor-based nuclear facility;
    • Orchestrate meetings, engagement, and developing system level solutions for industry/municipality needs.
    • Provide base-case economics required for a successful vendor reactor-based project, including preliminary LCOE, overnight costs and requisite financial metrics that provide a competitive edge to procuring financing.
  • Fuel Development – Approach to fuel fabrication development and securing pathways to construction funding, joint-venture structure (if applicable), optimal ownership model and valuation;
  • Commercial Reactor Development – Outline efficient approaches to vendor-based reactor’s nuclear power plant development including identification of end-users / purchasers of electricity and/or process heat applications;
  • Energy Services Business Development – Utilize historical relationships in industry and government to probability of vendor to successfully deploy its reactor in the UK.
  • UK Government Stakeholder Management – Engage government leadership to elicit policy and financial support to enable successful reactor and/or fuel plant deployment by the early to mid-2030s.
  • Corporate Partnership Development – Support vendor in assessing, evaluating, and structuring strategic partnerships that can materially contribute to the advancement and acceleration of vendor’s fuel and reactor businesses.
    • Conduct meetings with potential partners to make determinations on offerings, their value, potential conflicts, and pitfalls;
    • Provide comparable data regarding partnership evaluations and provide recommendations toward “best practices” to make these partnerships effective.

Study was delivered to vendor within a specified time period and within the prescribed budget. Vendor has used Study in preliminary engagement with UK Stakeholders, including BEIS.