Roadmap Overview

Next Generation Nuclear has developed a 10-point roadmap for the deployment of new nuclear technology. Our advisory practice provides support to stakeholders throughout this lifecycle and remains agnostic of any specific technology or delivery doctrine to deliver compelling analysis and advice.


The early stages of the journey to deploying new nuclear involving drafting national policy and establishing a sovereign regulatory capability in accordance with IAEA standards and guidance.

NGN supports government to engage with potential developers while identifying potential public and private funding sources in conjunction with the prospective reactor vendors and delivery partners.

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Project Establishment

Selecting a reactor vendor and creating the delivery entity in accordance with statutory requirements incorporating international best practice. Securing initial funding to undertake feasibility work, secure key assets and commence organisational development.

NGN provides advice to create and maintain compliant corporate structures in accordance with national and international expectations while assisting in accessing debt and equity investment. Our team will advise on building a capable, fit-for-purpose organisation taking advantage of the experience gained from decades of nuclear development.

We will assist in identifying a suitable site to host the power station and the acquisition of that site, including liaison with governmental stakeholders to assure the eventual approval and licensing of the project site.

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Generic Design

Creating a country-specific reactor design in conjunction with national regulators and the reactor vendor in preparation for making an application for necessary licences and consents.

NGN will support generic design from a technical and safety perspective by providing analysis and justification of design features while ensuring that any modifications to the vendor’s standard design are fully justified. Our digital engineering experts will ensure that the configuration of the design is tightly controlled from the outset.

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Approval and Licensing

Seeking formal consent for the reactor, site and nuclear operator in the form of permits and licenses.

NGN has international expertise in working with governments and regulators to secure approval of large-scale infrastructure and nuclear projects. We will advise on the most effective route to leverage existing approved or licensed designs to expedite approval in the host country to the mutual benefit of the developer and the national regulator.

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Site Specific Design

Evolving the generic design to suit site characteristics, undertaking detailed analysis of the safety justification and gaining regulatory approval to commence work.

NGN brings expertise in safety case and licensing processes combined with managing regulator expectations to deliver a site design that closely aligns to the generic design characteristics. By carefully controlling the plant configuration, our engineering and digital specialists can advise on successfully ‘managing the delta’ to minimise time and effort required to justify the design.

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Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Establishing a supply chain to manufacture reactor and conventional system components, provide specialist engineering services and deliver capable people to the project team in sufficient numbers.

NGN combines expertise in industrial manufacturing with a holistic view of global politics and socio-economic conditions to provide strategic advice on critical investments and make-or-buy decisions. Our technical advice will facilitate qualification of manufacturing processes in accordance with international standards while providing key analysis of equivalence to avoid costly re-qualification.

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Preparing the site before carrying out civil work, erecting structures and installing the plant systems and components.

NGN has expertise in large-scale nuclear construction projects and we understand from first-hand experience that construction is often the greatest source of risk leading to time and cost overruns in NPP projects. We will advise on the root causes of construction risk, analyse the project intent and advise on mitigating measures. Beginning well in advance of the site construction phase, our experts will assist in preparing robust plans to manage unexpected events during construction.

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Transforming the NPP from a collection of components to an operating nuclear power station involves verification of the as-built plant followed by validation of the functional and operational performance in accordance with the design intent and safety case.

NGN’s commissioning experts will support the site operator in preparing arrangements to hand over plant from the construction organisation, to undertake commissioning testing and manage the arising defects while maintaining a scrupulous audit trail. Our team will work with the operator’s construction and engineering teams to deliver a digital commissioning environment, capturing in-field measurements and observations to support the future operations and maintenance teams.

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Commercial Operation

Projected lifetimes of up to 100 years will incorporate planned obsolescence remediation programmes as well as fleet-wide update and upgrades benefiting from international deployment of modular reactors.

NGN will advise on building a competent operator in accordance with national regulatory expectations including an operator licensing programme to adapt the generic operational approach to the specific needs of the host nation. We will support the authoring and maintenance of operational documentation while our digital team will provide strategic advice

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Defuelling and Decommissioning

International requirements oblige any nuclear new build project to make provision for the safe extraction, storage and ultimate disposal of all nuclear material arising from the operation of the site. In terms of a nuclear reactor, this will include spent fuel and other intermediate level waste which will often be stored on-site for a prolonged period before transfer to a long term storage facility.

NGN has expertise in decommissioning, including deconstruction of defueled reactors and remediation of former reactor sites. We will advise on international requirements for the removal, transport and storage of nuclear waste. Our decommissioning experts will provide strategic oversight of a programme to remove, clean, size-reduce and ultimately to place into storage irradiated and contaminated plant components and materials.

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